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Crowdsale ended

Crowdsale is sold-out. Thank you for participating!


Crowdsale finished in:
201.000.000 IPL Sold-Out
100 % Hard Cap reached | $18.000.000 raised

All IPL tokens will be available for purchase with ETH. Base token price will be set to $0,10. The exchange rate will be locked based on January 16 market exchange rate and will be valid for the entire time of the token crowdsale. Prior the token crowdsale whitelisting is available by invitation. A maximum 70% of all the IPL tokens can be sold during this period.


Token details

Token supply: 300.000.000 IPL
Distributed in the crowdsale: 201.000.000 IPL (67 %)
Symbol/Ticker: IPL
Decimals: 18
Initial value: $0,10
Token standard: ERC-20

Crowdsale details

Start date: January 16
End date: February 5 with an intention to close it earlier
Token distribution date: immediately after the crowdsale
Accepted currencies: ETH
Soft cap: $5.000.0000
Hard cap: $18.000.000

Bonus allocation

10 % for
those who contribute in the first 96 hours  |   those who contribute over 50 ETH

Roadmap with investment cliffs

We planned our milestones carefully in order to ensure maximum expansion within the set period, and at the same time preserve the expected quality by adhering to all legal recommendations. If our team doesn`t reach the anticipated amount, all the funds will be returned.

Soft cap
$5 million
Platform core blockchain integration & first two social proof modules Worldwide patent
if the goal is not reached, the funds will be returned
$10 million
Additional modules & platform upgrade
Global marketing campaign
Hard cap
$18 million
EU passport licensee & MGA insurance license
UK pilot & Marketing campaign

Crowdsale and IPL distribution

Only one-time IPL token emission is planned to be distributed in the following manner:

Crowdsale - 67%

The majority of IPL tokens will be sold publicly to gain funds for further platform development and operations processes to take place.

Founders and Team – 24%

A dedicated amount of IPL tokens will be held by project founders and their dedicated team who made InsurePal a reality.

Advisors and Ambassadors – 6%

A portion of tokens will be given to our advisors and ambassadors for reaching broader audience and awakening greater interest for InsurePal.

Platform incentives – 3%

To achieve faster growth, part of the funds will be allocated to offer various incentives for our most active users and engaged supporters.
IPL distribution

Token crowdsale listings

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