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InsurePal platform brings out out the essence of trust in a smart digital way, improves the segmentation and betters the risk selection process. By enhancing trust among peers, it enables the social proof of an individual to be locked into the ledger. Therefore, it can and will self-regulate without the need of an industry-funded regulatory body, continuously allowing us to create new attractive solutions, addressing both, the insurance challenges of today and those of tomorrow.


Exposure to loss is reduced, risk is transferred to higher limits and revenues are settled by diversification.


The platform is self-regulated as the individuals with riskier behavior are eliminated by their social contacts.


Assessments among family, friends and colleagues guarantee objective and real-time segmentation.


Distributed model brings significant discounts and is especially alluring to a generation with significantly lower income.


P2P endorsements reduce customer cost acquisition and the network grows virally with P2P promotion.

Blockchain represents a foundational technology that allows a moderate transition into a fully tokenized service, ensuring the highest level of quality, preserving the trust of all stakeholders and intuitively leading our clients to a new, decentralized internet of insurance.


InsurePal technology


The InsurePal platform will act as a global provider of various insurance module based on social proof mechanics. For the end user, the InsurePal decentralized app will serve as an entry point to our insurance ecosystem, whereas to the third-business parties the solution will allow white label partnerships to re-sell social proof insurance.



The mechanism of social proof is applicable to different types of insurance and allows us to intervene in completely new areas, brought-about with the blockchain innovation. By ensuring the financial compensation of a breached business agreement to the injured party we will establish the trust among all the stakeholders and greatly accelerate the quality and quantity of all future blockchain business transactions.

InsurePal for blockchain business transactions

Andrew and Susan share the same interests, but live on the other side of the world. They want to make a business transaction to exchange goods, but don’t know and trust each other well enough. InsurePal blockchain business transactions module allows them to craft an upfront agreement in which they specify important terms and conditions of their transaction. They both have to agree upon a maximum penalty for contract breaching and define a due date after which the appeal between the parties is no longer possible. In case of dispute, the parties first try to settle it among themselves and if that is not possible, opt for an arbitrage. Even more, every time a transaction is completed, each of their endorsers` (eg. each note) is rated. Based on their (un)trusted behaviour, Social Proof Trustscore is calculated and presented to other participating endorsers, serving as an important factor of trust for all of one’s upcoming blockchain- made arrangements. By enhancing trust and ensuring the financial compensation for breached contracts InsurePal greatly supports the execution of blind business transactions on blockchain. On one hand, the model keeps insurance premiums as low as not to cause any friction. On the other, the insurance enhances the execution of all those transactions that would otherwise need to go through the complex process of identity verification in order to establish a level of trust.


Safe drivers can finally stop paying for the mistakes of bad drivers. All you need to do is to find a trusted endorser who will guarantee for your exemplary behavior. This person will also be financially responsible only if you cause damage by your own fault. For making social proof endorsement, your friend will receive an immediate incentive, whereas you`ll end up with a considerable premium discount.

InsurePal for motor car industry

John is a responsible, diligent driver who hasn’t had an accident in years. But, the price of John`s insurance is $1000 per year. He feels bad for overpaying for his mandatory car insurance. He finds out about InsurePal insurance, which offers him an upfront saving of $400 on his car insurance. Everything he needs to do is to find an endorser who will guarantee for his good driving record. He immediately thinks of his friend Mary and sends her an invite, whilst also explaining her the idea behind the new insurance. Mary guarantees for John with a credit card and immediately receives an upfront reward $100 worth of IPL tokens. This token transaction also contains the social proof information. When Mary enters her credit card data, she exposes herself to a potential payment of $550 ($400 of John’s savings, $100 of her cash-back bonus and $50 of penalties). It is important to note that Mary’s credit card will only be charged in case John files an at fault claim within the next year. In other words, if there is no claim, John paid only $600 for his insurance and Mary got $100 of IPL tokens, which she can sell on an exchange and spend or keep as an investment. John can find more endorser to further reduce his insurance price and at the same time promote InsurePal, helping the product to grow virally. And because John understands the benefits of InsurePal, he will also be willing to endorse Mary who is safe driver as well, when her car insurance policy will be due.


Social proof trustscore

Social Proos


Social proof is a form of financial commitment, backing up your credibility with third-party endorsement. As InsurePal social proof network will exponentially expand, it will allow you to give and receive multiple endorsements, providing the community with a valuable Social Proof Trustscore, a real-time average value directly reflecting one`s diligence and business background.

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