IPL token is now trading on the following exchanges:     Livecoin.net            

Token value

InsurePal token (IPL) will be the fuel of the InsurePal platform, used by clients and third-party partners worldwide. It is an application specific token, built on top of existing Ethereum blockchain, allowing us to give the users back the value of the InsurePal insurance network.

Token details

Token supply: 300.000.000 IPL
Distributed in the crowdsale: 201.000.000 IPL (67 %)
Symbol/Ticker: IPL
Decimals: 18
Initial value: $0,10
Token standard: ERC-20

Crowdsale details

Start date: 16 January 2018
End date: 16 January 2018
Token distribution date: immediately after the crowdsale
Accepted currencies: ETH
Soft cap: $5.000.0000
Hard cap: $18.000.000
201.000.000 IPL Sold-Out
100 % Hard Cap reached | $18.000.000 raised
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IPL token is now trading on the following exchanges:     Livecoin.net            



The value of IPL token


Token value


The value of any decentralized economy becomes the value of its underlying economy. In case of InsurePal, this is the role of a social proof that motivates diligent clients with bigger insurance discounts and endorsers with engaging incentives. Tokenizing property allows InsurePal to uniquely identify insurance assets and transform the social proof information to other types of businesses via a digital record.


The three pillars of the new decentralized economy


The three pillars of the new decentralized economy


The crypto is expanding from digital trading to something that will soon become a vibrant parallel economy. InsurePal is making important strategic partnerships already today to build the three basic pillars of future business represented by blockchain ID, arbitrage and insurance. They will help grow confidence among all the stakeholders and massively speed up the business operations on the blockchain.


IPL token liquidity pool


IPL token


InsurePal platform use different incentives InsurePal platform will use different means to motivate participants. Discount conversion to tokens will be incentivized, therefore InsurePal will have to convert significant percentage of each new premium into IPL tokens and give them back to the policyholders and their endorsers. All third-parties selling their social proof insurance will also be obliged to use IPL tokens and trade them on exchanges.


IPL tokens will be used


This type of insurance will be conducted in IPL tokens solely. The incentives for the endorsers will be paid in IPL tokens as well, whereas their guarantee can be done with other means as well. All fees coming from the side of possible participating insurance companies and other third-parties will have to be paid with IPL tokens too.


To obtain new insurance, the insured will have to upload a photo of their existing insurance policy so that InsurePal can calculate a discount. Doing so, every client will receive a specific number of IPL token (20% less for a cash discount), growing proportionally with the number of endorsements received.


For each new social proof guarantee, the endorser will receive an incentive in local fiat currency or in IPL tokens. The endorser will be able to sell the IPL tokens immediately, speculate and wait for an even higher market value or save them to buy/renew their insurance policy in the future or to pay some services at shops where they will accept IPL.


Social proof endorsers will be able to make the guarantee with the credit card or via a smart contract. Their social proof guarantee will consist of relevant information on the client (the insurance holder) and will serve to them as a credit report. If several endorsers will guarantee for the same person, their credit score will proportionally increase in value. In parallel to token transactions, these information will be stored in the general ledger being partially encrypted and partially public. The encrypted part will only be disclosed publically if its holder approves.


The clients holding IPL will be able to identify themselves within the InsurePal Community. In the long run, they will be able to sell their own social proof guarantee without revealing their identity to institutions or reinsurers in order to get the guarantee and a proportionate share of their insurance premium.


In the future, the InsurePal may appoint some members of their InsurePal community to process and report on the claims, a service that will have a financial incentive. Claims which will go beyond an agreed threshold (exact amount to be decided) will be decided by professional claims adjusters who will report their recommendations to InsurePal before informing the client. In essence, there will be no need for an insurance company involvement as everything will be settled by the community on the bases of blockchain and smart contracts.

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